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After spending several years in the construction industry, I had a profound realization. I had consistently opted for the easy route, but it was time for a change. The world of coding, I soon discovered, was where my true passion resided. Taking a leap of faith, I ventured beyond my comfort zone to pursue this new calling. Yet, beyond the screen and keyboard, my heart is firmly rooted in my incredible family. Quality time with my two wonderful kids and my loving wife is what life's all about for me. We savor the simple joys life has to offer. And when I'm not in dad mode or immersed in coding, I dive into gaming – be it around a table with friends or online. It's my way of unwinding and forging connections through virtual adventures.


Because Netflix and food delivery don't pay for themselves.

Below you will find work I currently have and have completed in the past

Utah Basement Builders

This construction company was in need of a website for potential clients to search up their previous work and information about them, they even wanted a calculator for users to get a rough estimate of their projects cost! using Cloudinary, Javascript, HTML and CSS This site was created from scratch!

T-Squared Construction

Previously this company had a wix site, but wanted a more custom site developed for themselves. With no previous designs this site was created using vanilla HTML and CSS


When I joined the recipe tracking site, it felt like stepping into "someone else's kitchen," and I quickly realized the potential for improvements. The platform was all about sharing and discovering culinary delights, essentially a social media hub for food enthusiasts. My role was pivotal, involving extensive work on both the front end and back end of the project. I dived into enhancing the user interface, improving recipe organization, and making the whole experience more intuitive. It was like taking a classic recipe and giving it a modern twist to make it even more delicious. In the end, the revamped app served up a delightful experience for foodies, making it even more enjoyable to share and savor culinary creations. HTML, JavaScript, React.js, Python, Flask, SQL Alchemy and SCSS were the main technologies I used through this task


During my involvement in the BHI project, I took on several problems that needed to be solved to enhance their front end. One notable challenge we faced was optimizing the web application for mobile screens, ensuring a seamless user experience across various devices. With a strong focus on responsive design and user accessibility, I crafted and implemented all the styles for the front-end of the app. This involved a thorough understanding of CSS, media queries, and the intricacies of making the interface adapt gracefully to different screen sizes. The successful adaptation of the BHI web app for mobile screens not only improved the project's user engagement but also showcased the power of React in delivering versatile and user-friendly solutions. Like I mentioned I used HTML, JavaScript, React.js and SCSS through this project.


Similar to the site above, this site previously was a wix website, but looking into what they wanted and needed they decided to make their own custom web application. using Python, Javascript, HTML and CSS This site has a lot of fun features!

Live Site


Sometimes these projects are like onions – they have layers, they can make you cry, and sometimes, you just wish you had a giant ogre to help.

Below you will find personal I have taken on!

E commerce store -- DapperDeals

This is a mock e-commerce website, fetching store items from a 3rd party API, showcasing them and having a search feature. There is also a cart page that tracks the quantity of all items. This was a fun one to build out! I used React.js, Javascript, HTML and SCSS

Binary Calculator

For this project, I made a calculator that can do math on binary numbers. it takes in 2 64bit numbers and is able to do basic math with them! Dont get lost in the 1's and 0's! Python was the language this was written in

React Widgets

Here you will find a few widgets to show and test my skills in react. including showing how to remove and append things to the virtual dom, use of state and knowledge of the component life cycle. HTML and React.js Were the two main languages here.

Random Person Picker

Using Async JavaScipt and a 3rd party API, we fetch all the names for a class, put them in a list and then allows you to change the weight of the person that was chosen. once a person is chosen they will not be chosen again till the list is reset! HTML, JavaSCript and CSS were used for this project

Student Registration Service

This Python code is meant to be an in terminal app that will Python, Javascript, HTML and CSS This site has a lot of fun features!

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